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Conservation Easements, Land Conservancies and Green Space Preservation

With offices in Cleveland and Painesville, Ziegler Metzger works with landowners, lenders, businesses, foundations and other stakeholders throughout Ohio to find ways to protect watersheds, trails, farmland, flood plains and other natural resources. Our attorneys work across legal disciplines — real estate, corporate law and estate planning, for example — to help property owners and land conservancies find ways to protect the environment in economically viable ways.

Some of our land conservancy work reflects an outgrowth of our service as court-appointed receivers of distressed real estate development projects. Conservation easements involving the preservation of forestland, wetlands, riparian environments and agricultural land have formed an important part of the eventual resolution of financially troubled projects that could not be completed.

Resourceful and Committed Ohio Conservation Easements Lawyers

Similarly, we work with banks, property managers and other parties in possession of properties to find ways to maximize the value of foreclosed undeveloped property through conservation easements, land swaps or sales to land conservancies.

Our estate planning lawyers advise private owners about the logistics and tax benefits of conservation easements and stewardship donations. Additionally, we advise the trusts and foundations responsible for meeting such ongoing expenses as trail maintenance, environmental monitoring and even brownfields revitalization.

Find out how the Cleveland environmental law attorneys of Ziegler Metzger promote the protection of open spaces, water quality and natural habitat through the creative use of legal strategies that benefit all parties concerned, as well as the future generations dependent on our clients’ foresight. Call us at 216-273-6726 or contact us online for additional information.