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Probate Disputes Involving Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Serving as an executor, administrator, trustee or other fiduciary in the estate, trust or probate process can be quite risky. There are multiple laws and procedures that administrators, executors and trustees must follow. When fiduciaries fail to follow the proper procedures or when they make accounting errors, they can be held liable in court.

If your inheritance has been compromised by a possible breach, or if you are a fiduciary who needs defense against a claim of breach, we can help you. At Ziegler Metzger LLP, we have been providing clients with Counsel of Good Value since 1952. Serving clients in the Greater Cleveland area and throughout Ohio, we handle all types probate disputes and litigation matters.

What Is Breach Of Fiduciary Duty?

The person in charge of administering a will or trust is considered a fiduciary. The duty of a fiduciary is the highest legal duty, and an individual serving in that role must always act in the best interest of the beneficiaries. When fiduciaries commit self-dealing or fraud, the beneficiaries can bring lawsuits against them.

Protecting Your Rights

Our lawyers protect the rights of clients in breach of fiduciary duty claims. Whether you are a fiduciary defending against a claim or a potential beneficiary whose inheritance rights may have been violated, our attorneys can protect your interests.

While many probate disputes can be highly emotional in nature and the stakes can be high, it is important to keep a clear head and make smart decisions. With more than 60 years of service as a law firm, we take a smart, balanced approach. In many cases, we are able to resolve breach of fiduciary duty claims and other probate disputes through settlements outside the courtroom. This reduces the financial costs, the time spent and the stress involved for many of our clients in probate.

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