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Meet Our Client Care Manager: Margaret Mendenhall, RN

At Ziegler Metzger in Cleveland, Ohio, we are focused on providing exceptional service and comprehensive solutions for every one of our clients. In addition to our stellar team of experienced attorneys, we provide unique client care from our client care manager, Margaret Mendenhall, who is a registered nurse.

An Example Of The Care Margaret Provides

When 91-year old Mrs. Nancy Smith began misplacing her pocketbook and car keys and had two fender benders in six months, it became apparent she could no longer care for herself. So her 60-year old son Jack faced a 300-mile commute in order to become the weekend caregiver with responsibility for her physical and emotional health as well as for her finances.

How does Jack arrive at the conclusion that his mother is no longer safe living alone? Or driving a car? What medical professionals should be involved? Who determines the level of care his mother needs? How are reputable services selected to provide care and then monitored? Can she afford them? How is Mrs. Smith included in these decisions? How can Jack be empowered to help?

At Ziegler Metzger, we recognize these needs in our clients’ lives and the lives of their family members. As a result, we have a registered nurse on staff who serves as a client care manager. Margaret E. Mendenhall is an experienced professional in this field. Her responsibilities include conducting a comprehensive assessment to identify a client’s current and potential needs; working with a client’s medical professionals; and developing a plan that addresses a client’s needs and concerns.

The Role Of The Client Care Manager

The Client Care Manager’s role concentrates on connecting our attorneys and clients with a broad range of health care professionals and institutions as well as with caregivers and other service providers. Accordingly, this work takes place in multiple settings such as physicians’ offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities and, of course, clients’ homes. The Client Care Manager is employed under direct supervision of the client’s attorney.

Without exception, the use of a Client Care Manager within the law firm setting has provided clients and their families the assurance that medical and wellness needs are being addressed. The end result is a deepened client relationship that continually maximizes independence and dignity.

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