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Estate Planning Solutions Tailored To Specific Client Needs

The wills and trusts attorneys of Ziegler Metzger build sound estate plans from the ground up. A last will and testament and other estate planning instruments will provide all the direction necessary for some individuals. Others will benefit from closer attention to tax planning, the future needs of vulnerable relatives, or other essential objectives that reflect a family’s unique characteristics.

At the Ohio law firm of Ziegler Metzger, we have experience with the full range of estate planning instruments, including wills and trusts. We serve clients throughout Ohio. Our lawyers take a practical approach to the development, review and revision of estate plans. Whether your circumstances and objectives are simple or complex, we will recommend only what you need to achieve your goals.

Our attorneys not only help individuals plan for the orderly transfer of assets from one generation to another, they also take full account of interests, concerns and goals that can be highly specific to a particular client family’s situation. For example, probate can be avoided through gifts, living trusts and other transfers of property outside of the last will and testament. In other situations:

  • Family business management succession planning is a fundamental part of estate planning for the business owner.
  • International estate planning is necessary when family members or significant assets are located in different countries.
  • Privacy can be protected through careful restriction of the disposition of assets passing under the last will and testament or a trust.
  • Special needs trusts and trusts for children can provide for the future security of family members who cannot look after their own interests or when a beneficiary is not fully capable of caring for their own needs.
  • Powers of attorney and living wills are carefully drafted to protect your interests in the event of incapacity or at the end of life.
  • Sound planning can minimize and manage tax liability for larger estates.

Estate planning has been an important focus of Ziegler Metzger‘s practice since our firm was founded in 1952. Once your estate plan is in place, you’ll find that our lawyers will keep in touch with you to advise you of changes in state law or federal tax policy. If your estate plan is more than five years old, you will find that a periodic review can protect you from arrangements that no longer meet legal requirements or keep pace with your family’s current circumstances.

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