Counsel of Good Value: Ziegler Metzger's Motto Since 1952

Managing Tax Liability, Planning For Charitable Giving

Many of Ziegler Metzger‘s estate planning clients need accurate and up-to-date advice about managing anticipated income, estate and gift tax liability, planning for charitable gifts to educational or religious institutions in their estate plans, or finding ways to maximize the value of exemptions and marital deductions.

No matter what your family’s estate planning priorities might be, you can depend on our lawyers for sound tax advice and resourceful solutions through carefully crafted trusts or other estate planning instruments that take full account of your current circumstances and long-range goals.

At Ziegler Metzger, we provide comprehensive client service in the creation, administration and amendment of estate planning documents, including trusts. Representing clients throughout Ohio, we present each client with a range of estate planning options that incorporate such highly focused solutions such as living trusts, A-B trusts, charitable remainder unitrusts, grantor-retained annuity or income trusts, conservation easements, revocable living trusts, and other vehicles that combine tax liability management features with other personal or family objectives.

We have been providing Counsel of Good Value since 1952. You can trust our knowledge and experience to help you handle the complex tax and gifting concerns in your estate plan.

With the renewed federal tax liability for larger estates, our periodic review of our estate planning clients will be especially valuable as state and federal laws change. Our proactive and resourceful approach to legislative and regulatory changes in tax policy helps our clients respond quickly and effectively.

Cleveland Tax Planning Attorneys With A Lasting Tradition Of Excellence

Sound estate planning solutions have represented a fundamental strength of Ziegler Metzger‘s practice since our law firm was founded in 1952. Clients receive professional, thoughtful advice to minimize estate, gift and income tax. For additional information about our tradition of effective service in the Greater Cleveland area and throughout Ohio, call us at 216-273-6726 or contact us online.