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Comprehensive Client Service On Issues Involving Trade Secrets

As more businesses come to rely on proprietary data, processes, customer lists and other confidential information as fundamental company assets, the protection of trade secrets through restrictive covenants, employment contracts, severance agreements and business purchase or sale agreements has assumed greater importance.

At Ziegler Metzger, our attorneys advise employers and business litigants about all aspects of trade secrets and the most effective ways to define, protect and enforce a company’s interest in them. Serving Ohio clients since 1952, we have offices in Cleveland and Painesville. Our firm has a wealth of experience in all types of employment law matters for employers, and we use our experience to provide efficient, strategic legal solutions for a range of businesses.

Strong Advice For Difficult Issues

Our advice on trade secrets issues often covers such related matters as non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements, data confidentiality issues, nondisclosure agreements and other restrictive covenants. While these most frequently arise in the context of employment relationships, they can also come up in the context of negotiations for the purchase or sale of a business, or in the actions of the seller after the closing of the transaction.

At Ziegler Metzger, our first goal is to protect our client’s interests in trade secrets through careful identification of the particular interests at stake, accurate contract terms and a practical understanding of the ways that confidential information can be misappropriated or abused. Our next objective is to respond promptly and effectively in any situation where it appears that a former employee or contractor has misused confidential business information.

Protecting Your Trade Secrets

Our employment attorneys and business trial lawyers work together to take the right steps to protect a client’s interests both in isolated instances of trade secrets misappropriation and in more complex business disputes that include a claim or counterclaim related to trade secrets. Litigation might involve:

  • Representing out-of-state clients with interests to protect in an Ohio trade secrets dispute
  • Seeking injunctive relief to restrain a former employee, consultant or prospective purchaser from misusing confidential information
  • Enforcing the trade secrets, noncompetition or non-solicitation terms of a severance agreement
  • Enforcing the nondisclosure terms related to a failed business merger or acquisition
  • Defending trade secrets claims brought by the former employer of a new employee
  • Resolving insurance coverage issues related to trade secrets litigation

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