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Helping Ohio Clients With Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is extremely important for many people who might not otherwise be able to afford elder care, but obtaining Medicaid and integrating it into a comprehensive estate plan can be extremely complicated process. With the legal complexities and potential pitfalls involved in the Medicaid process, it is important to have a legal team that you trust on your side.

At Ziegler Metzger LLP, our elder law attorneys serve clients from our offices in Cleveland and Painesville, Ohio, in all aspects of their Medicaid planning. As a firm that has been providing Counsel of Good Value for more than 60 years, we have in-depth knowledge of the legal complexities involved and every member of our legal team shares the same commitment to providing exceptional, personalized service for every client we represent.

Our lawyers help clients with all types of Medicaid issues that include:

  • Qualifying for Medicaid: Medicaid is only available for people who fall beneath a certain level of income and assets, so Medicaid applicants often go through a “spend down” period to reduce assets and retain eligibility. There are many complications involved and there is significant risk involved. Our attorneys can help you protect your financial interests.
  • Asset protection: Our attorneys work with clients to integrate their Medicaid planning with all other aspects of their estate plans and other elder law issues that may arise. It is critical to make sure all of these work together in concert.
  • Personal life planning: In addition to the legal and financial matters our lawyers handle for clients, we also provide more personalized life-care planning for clients.

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