Counsel of Good Value: Ziegler Metzger's Motto Since 1952

Sound Advice In The Formative Stages Of Your New Business

Ziegler Metzger works with entrepreneurs, investors, family proprietors and established businesses on business formation and entity selection issues, not only for the initial organization of an enterprise, but also for the formation of subsidiaries or affiliated companies as our clients’ needs dictate.

We help clients in the Greater Cleveland area and throughout Ohio learn more about the choices to consider in creating their businesses and the various stages of its operation.

Our business and corporate lawyers work effectively with the other professionals who advise our business clients: accountants, tax advisers and management consultants. Together we identify the factors that will guide the clients’ choices from among the available options. We also work with attorneys within our firm when such considerations as estate planning or management succession must be taken into account, especially for family businesses.

Ziegler Metzger‘s goal in business formation and entity selection is to help our clients identify the right vehicle to meet specific objectives concerning tax exposure, protection of personal assets, management flexibility, eventual expansion, mergers, acquisitions or other considerations. Our clients appreciate that proper attention to these considerations can protect the value of their business to attract prospective lenders or buyers.

Dependable Counsel Regarding Entity Formation

We help clients choose from the business entity choices available to new or growing enterprises of all kinds:

  • C or S corporation
  • Limited liability company or partnership (LLC or LLP)
  • General partnership or professional corporation
  • Joint ventures
  • Nonprofit corporation with federal tax-exempt status
  • Foundation with defined charitable, educational or religious functions

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