Counsel of Good Value: Ziegler Metzger's Motto Since 1952

Commercial Collections Solutions For Secured And Unsecured Creditors

As a full-service law firm with a long record of success on behalf of Ohio businesses, Ziegler Metzger helps clients protect the value of their accounts receivable and secured loan portfolios in difficult economic times.

At Ziegler Metzger, our lawyers serve clients in the Greater Cleveland area and throughout Ohio. Our practice covers the full range from collection of open accounts to foreclosure and liquidation problems in complex commercial loan transactions. Our thorough familiarity with the duties of a creditor to act in a commercially reasonable manner can protect you from the mistakes that can undermine an otherwise secure collateral position. No matter how your claims originated or the amount of your exposure, you can depend on our Cleveland creditors’ rights attorneys to develop and execute cost-effective strategies to protect the value of your position on a troubled account or loan transaction.

Ohio Commercial Collections Lawyers Advising Local And Out-of-State Clients

Ziegler Metzger represents creditors on the full range of collection problems:

  • Collection of consumer or commercial accounts
  • Residential or commercial mortgage foreclosure
  • Commercial lease enforcement
  • Mechanic’s liens and other interests related to construction projects
  • Enforcement of security interests under consumer or commercial loan transactions
  • Protection of junior interests in collateral covered under second mortgages or subordinated security interests
  • Enforcement of personal guaranties or pledges related to business indebtedness
  • Replevin, repossession and liquidation of collateral in a legally sound and economically sensible manner
  • Resolution of perfection or priority disputes between competing creditors
  • Negotiation and workout of troubled commercial loans and mortgages
  • Protection of creditors’ interests in bankruptcy, receiverships or state insolvency proceedings

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