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Attorneys Protecting Creditors’ Interests In Ohio Bankruptcy

Ziegler Metzger advises and represents creditors holding claims of any kind in Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In some cases, this might involve little more than advice about a client’s collection options after the filing of a bankruptcy petition and preparation of a timely and accurate proof of secured or unsecured claim.

In other situations, however, it may be necessary to obtain relief from the automatic stay, resolve disputes as to the amount of a claim, establish the perfection and priority of the claim, or take other measures necessary to protect our client’s interest in repayment to the greatest extent possible. For the advice of experienced Cleveland business bankruptcy attorneys, contact Ziegler Metzger at any of our office locations.

Representing Local And Out-Of-State Clients In Bankruptcy And Insolvency Cases

Much of our firm’s work on the front end of loan transactions and commercial agreements is designed to protect our client in the event of the other party’s insolvency. A perfected first-priority mortgage or security interest is meant to protect the creditor to the extent of the collateral value even in the event of bankruptcy, but debtors, bankruptcy trustees, competing creditors and other parties in interest often look for ways to challenge the enforceability of even the best-documented loans. Declining asset values can also threaten the creditor’s interest.

Our lawyers take a practical approach to the protection of creditors’ interests in bankruptcy, and we make sure that our work on behalf of our clients is cost-effective and essential to the ultimate recovery of the greatest amount possible. We also defend creditors in bankruptcy litigation involving the recovery of voidable preferences, allegations of fraudulent transfer, or equitable subordination claims based on theories of lender liability.

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Our Ohio business insolvency lawyers also advise clients in state receivership proceedings; additionally, Ziegler Metzger can represent the receiver appointed to administer the debtor’s assets and resolve claims. For more information about our experience and approach to client service in Ohio business or personal bankruptcy, contact us by calling 216-273-6726 or sending us an email.