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Dependable Counsel In Complex Business Contract, Tort And Insurance Disputes

Business litigation has a way of changing rapidly in shape, scale and complexity as soon as the complaint is served and filed. The plaintiff in an apparently straightforward breach of contract claim should seldom be surprised when the defendant counterclaims for fraud, unfair competition, negligent nondisclosure or other business tort claims. Sometimes the counterclaims and third-party claims eventually overtake the original claims in their size and complications.

Ohio Lawyers And Business Tort Litigators

The Cleveland commercial litigation attorneys at Ziegler Metzger help clients meet the challenges of complex dispute resolution and trial practice. With offices in Cleveland and Painesville, we provide sound counsel and aggressive, efficient representation for businesses in all types of business litigation matters.

Regardless of the details of your dispute, you can depend on our lawyers to guide you through the maze of proliferating claims and counterclaims. Our goal is to cut to the main issues as quickly as possible while protecting your interests from the claims of adverse parties. From the very earliest stages of the dispute, we assess your risk and exposure, identify and evaluate your affirmative claims, and work to penetrate the legal, procedural and business barriers that stand in the way of a favorable outcome.

We routinely advise clients that full-blown litigation is typically the least efficient approach available for the resolution of business, corporate or commercial disputes. Nevertheless, there are times when sound pretrial litigation strategies can help develop and strengthen the bargaining leverage that can drive a positive settlement. There are also times when presenting your full case at trial is the best way to protect your interests against an intransigent or misguided opponent.

Our civil trial lawyers handle a wide range of contract, corporate, business tort and insurance coverage claims and defenses, sometimes all in the same case:

  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud, misrepresentation or negligent nondisclosure
  • Trade secrets, noncompetition or nonsolicitation claims
  • Real estate and construction disputes
  • Shareholder derivative actions
  • Corporate or partnership disputes within closely held companies
  • Lender liability claims
  • Fair debt collection or equal credit opportunity claims
  • UCC disputes regarding sales, secured transactions, negotiable instruments or bank payments
  • Disputes arising from broken business mergers, sales or acquisitions
  • Unfair competition, commercial disparagement or advertising torts
  • Claims against broker-dealers or registered representatives
  • Civil actions related to conversion, check fraud, employee theft or embezzlement
  • Products liability or warranty claims
  • Insurance coverage issues under commercial general liability, errors and omissions, or directors’ and officers’ policies

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